Internetul & internautii -- 2 cercetari

Despre Internet si comportamentul utilizatorului roman.

Mor cand aud accountii zicand: 'nu pot sa vand online, nu prea am research-uri'. Vorbiti cu agentiile de media, intrebati consultantii in online sau chiar gugaliti.

Si continuam cu 6 lectii date publicitatii de YouTube:

1. It’s not the quality of the production, it’s the quality of the content
2. The limit is 1 GB or 10 min, not 30 sec
3. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or tricked. It’s about what people share.
4. Taking inspiration from the grass root video creators is a good thing.
5. Being taken as inspiration is also a good thing. It means people find it good enough to invest time in.
6. Pure shocking is so yesterday. You need to be smart about it.

Citat din Manuela Necula, Head of Country al Ogilvy Group Romania via Manafu.

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